Where To Start > Implementation

Improving the sustainability of your operations takes time. This guide contains a range of suggestions and tools to improve your organization’s environmental performance, but the most important thing is to simply get started. By implementing some of the ideas in this guide your organization can gradually improve operations and build support for additional improvements.

The suggestions outlined in this guide are diverse, and implementation strategies may vary. In some cases, these improvements will involve only minor adjustments. In others – such as encouraging recycling – improvements might involve more substantial adjustments. In all cases, however, there are certain steps that your organization can take to facilitate implementation of its environmental priorities.

Here are some ways to get started:
  1. Establish an Organization-wide Environmental Policy – get everyone on board and involve people from different parts of your organization
  2. Have an Energy Audit Performed – see if your utility offers one for free, and cut energy waste
  3. Start Tracking Your Progress – measure your baseline and start tracking energy, water, waste, and paper use
  4. Recycle More – find ways to cut waste, put a recycling bin next to every trash can, train staff, and/or start a Green Team
  5. Reduce Water Use – retrofit bathrooms with low-flow plumbing fixtures, consider waterless urinals, cut down on water used for irrigation
  6. Use Less and Better Paper – find ways to cut down on paper use, double-side copying, reduce the distribution of paper-based media guides and buy recycled
  7. Donate Food – collect unused food for donation to local shelters
  8. Switch to Green Cleaning Products – in the laundry and bathroom
  9. Choose Green Energy – switch to renewable energy with your provider, install solar panels, and/or buy carbon offsets for energy use
  10. Involve Your Supply Chain – ask your food vendors to work with you on environmentally preferable food and serviceware options and work with other vendors and sponsors on greening other aspects of your game

If your environmental program is already off and running, here are some ways to take your green program to the next level:

  1. Establish a No-idling Policy – for vehicles in facility grounds or parking lots
  2. Reuse Materials – only use reusable products like cloth banners, utensils and other serviceware (avoid single-use!)
  3. Start an Organization-wide Composting Program – ideally for both staff and fans
  4. Update Lightbulbs and Fixtures – use CFLs or LEDs to cut your energy costs
  5. Provide Functioning Water Fountains – and make them easier to find by using signs and maps
  6. Use Only 100% Recycled Content Paper – to enhance your green brand
  7. Improve Your Irrigation System – consider better sensors and watering schedules
  8. Involve Fans in Your Environmental Program – put greener living tips on your website, produce environmental Public Service Announcements to show in-game, offer a fan transportation offset program, etc.
  9. Consider On-site Renewable Energy – or see if renewable credits are available in your area
  10. Offset Travel Emissions – purchase carbon offsets and support renewable energy projects